We are back. It was not easy, but we managed to fight off the hords of zombie bots that were attacking our servers.  A special thanks to our new host, siteground.com, that helped us out so much.  We couldn't have done it with out you guys!

To the REALLY imoportant news!  Zombies are real and they have escaped the lab several times recently.  We are getting the news sources together and will have an update for you on the zombie menace very soon.

In the mean time, please sharpen your skills in the zombie games area, check out the infection symulator and stock up on supplies in the ZombieMenace Store!

The forum, blogs and other social features we had previously will be added back to the site soon.  Please be patient with us as we pick up the pieces.  For now, we are not accepting new membership requests.  Once we get it all back on line, we will open the user registration.  Unfortunatly, you will need to recreate your accounts; however, our techies have assured me that we will have the Facebook and Google login options available.